Charlize Theron and John Madden Making a Murder Mystery Comedy

June 13, 2012


She's currently bald in apparent preparation for being a shorn character in George Miller's long-developing Mad Max follow-up, but once she gets some hair back, Charlize Theron will reportedly resurrect the self-aware whodunit comedy genre.

Theron will produce and likely star in the appropriately-named Murder Mystery, which has a script from busy Zodiac/Amazing Spider-Man/RoboCop/White House Down writer James Vanderbilt. Though his résumé shows an predilection for action and thrillers, here he's put together a comedy described as "an affectionate deconstruction of an Agatha Christie-style thriller." The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel's John Madden is attached to direct, which seems apt considering those who appreciate Agatha Christie-style thrillers are probably in the same age group as those who have made The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel a $100+ million success. Just cast Maggie Smith as the old widow and Eugene Levy as the French traveler and my parents are already buying the DVD from a grocery store check-out lane.

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