'Django Unchained' Once Again Meets Minimum Jonah Hill Requirement

June 15, 2012


With Kurt Russell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sacha Baron-Cohen, and Kevin Costner Jonah Hill was one of the many actors once attached to being in Django Unchained before scheduling difficulties and/or inhibitions about being a horrible slave owner put an end to their involvement. But, really, a hyper-violent slave revenge film just isn't a hyper-violent slave revenge film without Jonah Hill, so Quentin Tarantino has found a way to get him back in this thing.

Deadline reports Hill is back in the film, but strangely, he's reportedly not in the role he, and later Sacha Baron Cohen, previously vacated. Instead, it's some other, still-undetermined part that will be used as a delivery mechanism for the Hill nutrients Django so desperately needs. Reminder to Quentin Tarantino: your movie comes out at the end of the year, and trailers are already being sent out, so you should probably hurry up with this.

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