'Drive' Director in Talks for 2000AD's 'Button Man'

June 1, 2012


Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is looking to return to the world of a really awesome dude fucking up a bunch of jerks.

Refn is reportedly in talks with DreamWorks to direct an adaptation of the 2000AD comic Button Man: Killing Game. Created by Arthur Ranson and John Wagner (the latter of Judge Dredd fame), the story is said to focus on Harry Exton, a hired gun enlisted to fight some other hired guns in a fight to death, all for the entertainment of rich guys who can probably only get off that way. When Exton decides he doesn't want to be part of the competition, "his only exit strategy might be to off the millionaires funding the competition." Which actually sounds like a way easier exit strategy than going after the other guys with guns, but there's probably a twist or something.

Before any of that, though, the next Refn film we'll see is Only God Forgives, which re-teams the director with Ryan Gosling to once again mess some jerks up--now with kickboxing, and in Thailand--so it wouldn't surprise anyone to see Gosling take the lead in Button Man. Well, it would surprise Jason Statham a little. He got through half the summary and already started putting a suit on.

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