'Drive' Director Will Make Us a 'Barbarella' TV Show

June 21, 2012


Continuing to plot his career future only in terms of campy sci-fi and/or brutal killers who can be played by Ryan Gosling, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn has agreed to lend his touch to Gaumont International Television's planned TV remake of Barbarella. And suddenly this project seems a lot less like "Xena, but with more silver shit."

Though Refn already his a plate filled with Only God Forgives (in which Ryan Gosling is out for revenge), a remake of 1976's Logan's Run (starring Ryan Gosling), and an adaptation of the hitman comic Button Man (which we're all just assuming will be another Gosling), the auteur has agreed to direct and executive produce the series alongside producer Martha De Laurentiis (daughter of late Barbarella producer Dino). From THR, here are some quotes from all involve parties:

Refn called Barbarella "one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters" and said "I look forward to bringing this unique character to life for a new generation of fans."

De Laurentiis said Refn has "the perfect vision to elevate such an iconic character like Barbarella and bring her to new audiences worldwide."

Gaumont's Vice CEO Christophe Riandee added: "Nicolas is one of today's hottest directors and it was an obvious choice that we get him on board with this project."

Given the early stage and busyness of the director's schedule, it's probably too early to think seriously about casting, but let's just quickly consider a couple things: Firstly, Ryan Gosling probably cannot play the Jane Fonda part. Second, Refn has already disclosed he shares in the communal fantasy of seeing Christina Hendricks' shapes stuffed into a small vinyl costume. So... I can see how maybe this Barbarella thing could end up being pretty popular.

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