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'Dumb and Dumber' Sequel Loses Principal Dumb Guy


Well, despite Peter Farrelly's claim Dumb and Dumber 2 would shoot this September, it now seems the film won't be excruciatingly emptying itself into theaters. Also, it turns out the title wasn't Dumb and Dumber 2; it was Dumb and Dumber To, so correct your notes.

Marking what would be the first time a studio has dismissed a belated, ill-conceived sequel put in front of them, New Line and Warner Bros. reportedly showed little enthusiasm for the project, which ETOnline claims made star Jim Carrey grow "increasingly frustrated" until he finally left the project. Confirming their story while somehow indicating the title's hilarious spelling, Carrey added:

"I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it's implied in the title."

Assumedly, the actor's departure means an end to the project, as the Farrellys already made clear the sequel had always been contingent on Carrey's most annoying sound in the world squealing in concert with Jeff Daniels' diarrhea. But the good news is, now Lauren Holly's fall schedule is definitely open if Kelsey Grammer wants to kickstart another Down Periscope.

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