'Waltz for One' Short: This Is Why You Don't Install Loud, Beeping Things in Spaceships

June 20, 2012


Shot for less than $700 and taking place almost entirely from the claustrophobic confines of a one-man spacecraft, Waltz for One is a short that imagines a '60s space race that also included a Richard Branson-like eccentric pioneer funding his own ventures into the galaxy, thus establishing "super-rich dudes" as the true victors of the Cold War. Over the course of ten minutes, the film explores ideas of man against nature, isolation's effects on the psyche, and the journey into the dark unknown of space. If the filmmakers could only have worked in a religious conspiracy, a bachelor party and a chocolate analogy, it would basically be the entirety Tom Hanks's career. Have a look below.

Pretty powerful evidence for why why smoke detectors shouldn't be allowed to keep chirping non-stop just because the battery is getting a little old. Look, no one keeps 9-volts around the house, okay, smoke alarm manufacturers? Give us silence until morning.

(Thanks to: Cinematographer and co-writer David Torcivia)

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