David Lynch Teaming with Dom Pérignon To Make Drunkenness Even More of a Surreal Dream State

July 30, 2012


In the most hilariously disquieting collaboration between director and champagne since Orson Welles slurred his way through a Paul Masson spot, a new project called "The Power of Creation" will reportedly team David Lynch with Dom Pérignon.

According to Pérignon's site (via), limited edition bottles of Vintage 2003 and Rosé 2000 will come adorned with labels designed by Lynch as a symbol of the supposed "many things in common" between a luxury winemaker and the oddball director of Lost Highway. Commonalities such as: "mystery, intensity, commitment, time, the constant reinvention of the self, and above all, absolute faith in the power of creation." Plus, the unspoken fact that too much of either consumed at once leaves you with strong, introspective feelings of grim confusion.

Below, have a look at the bottle designs, and see Lynch directing for the campaign. As we learned from his bizarrely psycho-sexual coffee campaign, ain't nobody turns pleasant potables into haunting nightmares like Dave.



That is indeed a long fucking way away.

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