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Ed Helms Is Our New 'Vacation' Vacationer/Rusty


Sorry, Anthony Michael Hall, but you can't be given a comedy if you're just going to intensely stare all the time.

Guaranteeing a ride with an unusually high number of painful sing-alongs, Ed Helms has entered talks to bring his vast experience in holidays gone awry to New Line's Vacation, the National Lampoon's remake Horrible Bosses writers Jonathan Goldstein and Sam from Freaks and Geeks are attached to direct from their own script. As previously described, the film attempts to feign some integrity by artfully shaping the reboot into a canonical passing of the torch, and Helms would be following in the footsteps of Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively, Johnny Galecki, and Ethan Embry to play Rusty, the Griswold son, now a father with an NBC series in his own right. No other casting has yet been announced, but if everywife Leslie Mann doesn't buckle into the passenger seat, I'm fairly confident this car isn't leaving the driveway.

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