Look Inside that 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' Briefcase That Still Won't Fit on Your DVD Shelf

July 11, 2012


As we learned last month, buying the so-called "Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One" Blu-ray collection will get more than just the entire Marvel Universe movie lineup so far: you also get a big, shiny briefcase sadly likely to become the most-utilized business accessory you ever own. But what's inside this luggage? MTV (via) has the first look and the answer: some discs, a few fake manila folders, and--the ephemeral crown jewel--a GLOWING TESSERACT replica that shines from within as a beacon constantly reminding you that you probably can't change its batteries or anything, so get ready to eventually just own a clear-ish brick. As added incentive to re-buy these movies, Marvel also updated the covers for the included re-releases with some stylized art more like the minimalist, Saul Bass-inspired stuff that's so popular on the internet these days. Have a look below.








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