'Breaking Bad' Finally Gets a Mentos Parody

August 22, 2012


As ridiculous as it is to, in 2012, still be making and watching Mentos commercial parodies, this Breaking Bad take on the once-thriving genre is too good to ignore. If you haven't yet started the most-recent season of the series, know that this does contain a very minor spoiler; if you haven't yet seen a Mentos commercial, know that this will also spoil whether or not Mentos is refreshing and capable of drastically improving real-life situations.

If you're wondering, YouTube commenters have already covered "Methtos," "I AM THE ONE WHO FRESHENS," and "They're not breath mints, they're MENTOS. JESUS CHRIST MARIE!" But you're welcome to come up with any other possible variations.

If you want a refresher (LOL!), here's Brick and Looper director Rian Johnson's original, somehow goofier scene:


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