Joe Carnahan May Remake 'Daredevil', But It Will Cost Fox Their Devourer of Worlds

August 7, 2012


With the deadline looming on when they must start production on a Daredevil movie, lest the superhero's rights revert back to Marvel, Fox is closing in on a director for their reboot. Unfortunately for them, they've now waited so long that they may be forced to decide between giving up the rights to either Daredevil or the Fantastic Four universe. This is our nerdiest Sophie's Choice.

While the studio is reportedly looking at The A-Team's Joe Carnahan to takeover for a departing David Slade to direct their Daredevil relaunch, the production is already facing more troubling problems than fierce loyalty to Ben Affleck. Namely, they have to actually be shooting the film by October 10--just a hair over two months from today--to keep the rights to the character, and that's pretty much impossible unless they plan on doing it improvised and with a Satan costume from Halloween USA.

Marvel has generously offered up a solution for the time crunch, though: they'll give some time leniency on Daredevil, but in exchange, they want to be able to play with some other Fox-owned characters--specifically, the world-devouring Galactus and his chrome messenger, the Silver Surfer. It seems like a pretty fair deal for Fox, who really has nothing to leverage against but the threat of rushing out a terrible movie, but insiders are reportedly saying the studio isn't willing to part with those characters either, as it was jussst about to finally use those, hiring Chronicle's Josh Trank to direct a new Fantastic Four. With talks seemingly hitting a standstill, a near-tears Fox clutching its comics to its chest and vigorously shaking its head, negotiations are expected to continue later in the week, when a few more days will have passed without any progress at all on a Daredevil movie.

UPDATE: Deadline has clarified that Fox is definitely never giving up its Galactus, adding that any further talks are likely over whether Disney could co-finance Daredevil.

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