Ryan Gosling Making Directorial Debut with Christina Hendricks

August 29, 2012


Actor, musician, restauranteur, life-saving hero, sensitivity meme, and feminist icon Ryan Gosling is adding another descriptor to his growing list of reasons our girlfriends would rather be with him: now he's going to be a writer-director, too, and he'll do that with his Drive co-star Christina Hendricks once again in tow.

With Gosling handling script and directorial duties, Hendricks will reportedly star in How To Catch a Monster, a film that "weaves elements of fantasy, noir, and suspense into a modern day fairytale." She'll play Billy, a single mother caught in a "vanishing city" with her two boys; when her elder son finds "a secret road leading to an underwater town," the family begins an investigation into the mystery as a hope for survival against all that vanishing. It's thus far uncertain if Gosling will appear in the film, nor is it clear if the film will actually instruct anyone how to catch a monster. You'd think, though. The last thing Gosling and Hendricks need is another lawsuit to follow-up the landmark case of Drive v. Drive Should Have More Driving in It.

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