'The Sapphires' Trailer: Chris O'Dowd Builds an Aboriginal Girl Group

August 30, 2012


With music performances, some "based on a true story" inspiration, a white-person-helps-others-overcome-racism plot, and a surprisingly heartfelt performance from Chris O'Dowd, The Sapphires would be at the top of Mom's must-see list if only she liked The IT Crowd as much as she does Sandra Bullock. Set in 1968, the film sees O'Dowd playing an oft-drunk talent scout who takes it upon himself to manage and shape an Indigenous Australian girl group into a Supremes-like act good enough to perform for the troops in Vietnam--the ultimate prize for an Australian soul act, apparently. Already released in Australia and screened at Cannes, The Weinstein Company has since picked up the U.S. distribution rights, so you can expect this to come inspire America pretty soon here. In the meantime, those desperate for some uplifting, Australian song-and-dance numbers can find it here and in this trailer:


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