Zoe Saldana Playing Nina Simone

August 16, 2012


And not in like the "playing Nina Simone on your iPod to show everyone at this party how you got into her a few years ago" sense. In the biopic sense.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Avatar and Star Trek star will play the iconic singer-songwriter in Nina, a film written and to be directed by Roseanne and Will & Grace producer/writer Cynthia Mort. She'll be starring opposite David Oyelowo, and takes the role over from Mary J. Blige, who dropped out due to the project's longstanding budget issues. Those are apparently over now, though, and the film is going into production in October, around the time that Zoe Saldana is expected to hopefully start somehow looking anything at all like Nina Simone. Maybe through more Avataring?

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