'A Christmas Story 2' Ruins Christmas, and Here's the Trailer

September 6, 2012


With little regard toward shooting our nostalgia out, Warner has decided that the film they've dubbed "the most beloved Christmas story of all time" is in need of an instantly less-beloved straight-to-video sequel, and already the studio has released a trailer for their Christmas ruiner.

Picking up a few years after its 1983 predecessor, A Christmas Story 2: The Official Sequel appears to hit pretty much all the same notes, often with a knowing wink--only now, as the voice-over explains, Ralphie is "a bigger kid, with an even bigger wish." Because what does the world want for Christmas but larger, more zealous children who bear an increasing resemblance to the lovechild of Ricks Moranis and Schroder? Now Ralphie wants a car! The bunny suit is a sailor suit! The leg lamp is somehow back to be re-broken! And Daniel Stern--already accustomed to cartoonish swearing in Christmas sequels that play like beat-by-beat remakes--takes on the iconic role of The Old Man, filling in for the mercifully-deceased Darren McGavin.

Well, looks like TBS is going to have to break up their annual 24-hour marathon into alternating, 12-hour segments. It is canonical, after all.

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