Danny Trejo Returns from Hell to Kill Anthony Michael Hall in 'Dead in Tombstone' Trailer

September 6, 2012


Starring Danny Trejo as a revived corpse, Anthony Michael Hall as an unlikely evil sheriff, and Mickey Rourke as the Devil, and directed by Dead Race 2 and Scorpion King 3 director Roel Reiné, Dead in Tombstone is not just straight-to-video. Dead in Tombstone is eternally-to-video, long-predicted as a theoretical disc spinning in the ether, forever maintaining balance between the Eric Roberts catalog and the infinite abyss of National Lampoon's titles, thus completing the Unified Home Entertainment Model (starring Treat Williams). Now, at long last, visual confirmation of its existence:

The rest of Dead in Tombstone's existence will be realized on December 31. On DVD and Blu-ray.

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