Jorma Taccone Directing Action Spy Comedy That Is Sadly Not 'MacGruber 2'

September 21, 2012


Essentially incinerating then pissing on any notions of a MacGruber sequel happening any time soon, director/actor/Lonely Islander Jorma Taccone has moved on to another action spy comedy almost certain to involve less ghost sex.

According to THR, Taccone is attached to direct New Line's Spy Guys from a script by Due Date and Made of Honor (yikes!) writer Adam Sztykiel that's described as "Ocean's Eleven, True Lies and Mission: Impossible through a comedy lens," which says absolutely nothing. More tellingly, it's about a CIA agent who attends a European wedding and finds himself framed and made an enemy of the state, sending he and his non-CIA friends on an adventure in being spies [guys]. Could be good! Not sex-with-your-wife's-ghost good, of course, but what is?

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