'Sinister' Red-Band Trailer: Watch Ethan Hawke Freak Out for a Couple Minutes

September 19, 2012


While Sinister's first trailer tried to spell out its stock horror plot (family moves to new home, there's some kind of demon or something, there's also some spooky home movies, etc.), this latest trailer wisely shifts the focus away from the details and more to the creepy atmosphere, enthusiastic reviews, and so many shots of Ethan Hawke freaking out. It should also be noted, this new trailer is also rated for mature audiences only, due to a lingering shot of an entire family being hanged to death in their backyard. A kid really shouldn't see that without the explanation that demons aren't real, and that such a scene would only normally happen if dad gets too sad again.

Yes, Ethan Hawke, it's truly unholy how much fun that kid is having playing in a box.

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