Vin Diesel Calls Lasties on Hunting Witches

September 7, 2012


Now that he's seen how much cool strutting and gunplay is apparently involved in the profession of witch hunting, Vin Diesel would like to get in on some of that too, please.

As such, Mr. Diesel has entered talks with Lionsgate-Summit to headline The Last Witch Hunter, TheWrap is reporting. The Crazies director Breck Eisner is attached to direct the film from Priest writer Cory Goodman's script, said to focus on the titular final witch hunter, "charged with discouraging a group of witches and warlocks from reproducing." So, really, less of a "witch hunter" so much as a "witch chaperone," just trying to make sure the cauldrons remain pure and undefiled. Twilight's spirit of supernatural chastity shall live on, now with a giant, bald, grumbling personification of abstinence.

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