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Well, Here's What RoboCop Looks Like


As spotted during shooting in Toronto, here's a first look at Joel Kinnaman as the titular cyborg officer in José Padilha's long-questioned RoboCop remake. Mom is going to be so confused this isn't a Batman!

Below, have another look at the costume with the visor removed (as promised!), and see Kinnaman's face slowly coming to grips with being sort of an Iron Man tire sculpture.


"Shit, this is going to be what I'm remembered for, isn't it?"

Of course, as always, it's probably not best to immediately judge an unjustified remake's remade costume entirely on a distant photo, and we don't know what changes could be brought about in post-production, and but at least this gives an idea of what to expect. And hey, with this dull, black finish, now we finally can deploy RoboCop to where the real trouble is: the delinquent British theater system.

(Thanks, Lisa and Noni)

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