Casting Things: Batman, Basinger, and More

October 5, 2012


- After earlier this summer dropping out of David O. Russell's next, Christian Bale has reconsidered and will now join his The Fighter director, The Fighter co-star Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper in the con-man film. Give this some awards immediately.

- Kim Basinger will play the perilous role of Liam Neeson's wife in Paul Hagis's The Third Person--a film "about the interconnected love stories of three couples who live in three different cities" that also stars Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Casey Affleck, Olivia Wilde, and James Franco. Hopefully thing is going to end with a real sexy inter-city Skype orgy.

- Sienna Miller has joined Moneyball director Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher, and will play wife to Steve Carell's John Du Pont, the rich heir who ended up being a paranoid schizophrenic that murdered Olympic gold-medalist wrestler Dave Schultz. Mark Ruffalo is playing Schultz and Channing Tatum is playing his brother. Just the G.I. Joe reunion you did not want at all.

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