Chris Hemsworth Getting Paid a Lot To Play 'American Assassin'

October 11, 2012


Another sad sign of the U.S.'s failing domestic manufacture of rugged young leading men, CBS Films is paying a premium to outsource the lead in American Assassin to Australian/Asgardian actor Chris Hemsworth.

Deadline reports Thor has been offered $10 million to star in the film, an adaptation titled after the 11th book in Vince Flynn's series of embossed-cover spy novels dads read. Hemsworth would play Mitch Rapp, a terrorist hunter with a cool-sounding name and a score to settle: his high school sweetheart was killed in the bombing of a passenger plane, and from that day forward, he was no longer okay with terrorism. Traitor and Homeland series director Jeffrey Nachmanoff will again retread terrorist huntin' for the project, as will Bruce Willis, who's said to be in talks to play Rapp's mentor. Sorry, Kevin Costner and Chris Pine, but I think you just got one-upped in the "'80s megastar mentors Star-Trek spy" department.

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