'Lords of Salem' Trailer: Rob Zombie Made Another One of His Little Nightmarish Things

October 4, 2012


Rob Zombie's latest, The Lords of Salem, supposedly involves Sheri Moon Zombie (naturally) playing a Salem DJ who spins "a sinister heavy metal tune" that awakens a 17th century coven of witches--because music is a powerful tool, so support the arts in schools. Here's the trailer, which has a surprising lack of sinister heavy metal but does have most of the satanic chanting, naked animal-headed people, ugly popes, and giant, deformed babies you demand of a Zombie production.

Hopefully it isn't a spoiler that Sheri Moon Zombie turns into Dreadlock Beetlejuice:

Man, now I'm going to have to see it just to find out who the true Lord of Salem is. I bet it's Fat Stairs Baby.

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