New 'Gangster Squad' Trailer, Now with Less Reminder of Human Tragedy!

October 12, 2012


Here's Gangster Squad's new trailer--the one unofficially dubbed "the trailer where there isn't all that shooting-up-a-theater stuff, because, well, you know." In light of the Colorado shooting, all the scenes involving gunfire in a theater have reportedly been removed from the picture, but this trailer should assure everyone that, otherwise, Ruben Fleischer's film seems to have its heavy violence in tact, with pretty much every non-sex scene involving some kind of Tommy gun, shotgun, handgun, exploding car, beating, and/or whatever violence happened to make Sean Penn's face look like that.

Out of respect for keeping the film on schedule and also human life, please, crazy people, do not commit any stylized '40s crimes for at least a few months.

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