Rupert Sanders Directing 'Tom Cruise Helsing'?

October 11, 2012


Fresh off the relative success of getting laid with Kristen Stewart, Rupert Sanders is reportedly in talks to return to the world of soulless-eyed tabloid fodder by directing Tom Cruise in Universal's Van Helsing reboot.

As reported earlier this year, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are overseeing the re-do as part of their deal with the studio to wipe out all evidence Stephen Sommers ever existed; Tom Cruise is producing and attached to star as the Dracula-hunting hero Hugh Jackman tends to not bring up as often as Wolverine. Twitch reports talks are still early and "relatively casual" in regards to Sanders directing the film, so we'll save all the easy "back to stabbing things in vampires" laughs until we get some more confirmation.

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