Spider-Man Probably Has His Mary Jane, Should Soon Have a New Franco

October 10, 2012


They put it off all summer, but with season changing, it's time for Marc Webb and Sony to at last replace the old Kirsten Dunst and James Franco parts they've had laying around.

For Dunst's part of Mary Jane Watson, the studio and Webb are reportedly looking at The Descendants daughter Shailene Woodley (above), whose ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager is about to end, thus allowing her to sign whatever crazy extended contract Sony asks of its superhero people. Of course, this probably means current love interest, Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy, will die in the next film or so, but Stone already knew this was coming, and she's also dating and doing cute, philanthropic shit with Spider-Man himself, so don't even worry about her. Worry about yourself, because this also means some friends will be like, "Wait, isn't that the opposite of how it happened in the last Spider-Man trilogy?", and you're going to have to be all, "Yeah, but that's not how it was in the comics," and you're going to sound like such a nerdy jerk.

Franco's Harry Osborne, meanwhile, is also said to be in the midst of a re-casting, but it's not yet certain who will take the role, because 21 Jump Street's Dave Franco is just too obvious. The Franco legacy of being a best-friend-turned-flying-snowboarder ends now, probably.

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