TV Things: 'Munsters' Remake Looks Unlikely, But You're Getting More 'Boardwalk Empire'

October 2, 2012


- Bryan Fuller's Munsters reimagining, Mockingbird Lane, is probably not moving beyond pilot. Unless it is. While Deadline reports NBC is looking very likely to pass on the project, Fuller himself claims, "NBC just informed me the Deadline article regarding #MockingbirdLane was Dead Wrong." The series was set to star Jerry O'Connell as Herman, so rest assured, no matter what NBC decides, the show will still happen in at least one of O'Connell's Sliders-verses.

- What is happening for sure is another season of Boardwalk Empire. In light of consistent ratings for the latest season, as well as recent recognition by the Children's Television Workshop, HBO has ordered a fourth run of the show.

- Television ratings measurer Nielsen has unveiled a new, expanded system to account for audiences watching programming across various digital platforms. It's presumably called "a view counter."

(Thanks, Lisa)

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