'Zero Dark Thirty' Trailer: The Hunt for Bin Laden Gets Pretty Serious

October 12, 2012


As the dads of the world will jest in unison, pulling out a line they haven't used since Titanic, you already know how it ends, but the Bin Laden film Zero Dark Thirty is intended more to look at the "how." Director Kathryn Bigelow spent years researching, and supposedly got access to restricted classified documents, giving her film a level of credibility that rival Bin Laden-hunting films have been unable to replicate through the sheer presence of Xzibit. Zero Dark Thirty's first trailer almost came across as some kind of tease for a new Bourne-like character that the government just couldn't catch, but this one strikes a much more appropriate tone thanks to some voice-over and some severely grim faces from Kyle Chandler, Mark Strong, and mostly Jessica Chastain. Thank you, grim faces, for reminding us that hunting down and killing a terrorist is a pretty grim affair after all.

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