'21 and Over' Trailer Sure Is from 'The Hangover' Writers

November 12, 2012


Following the less-than-lucrative body-swap comedy The Change-Up, The Hangover writers return to the "crazy shit three drunk dudes did" genre for their directorial debut, 21 and Over--which, instead of a bachelor party, involves a 21st birthday night, and now has the subject of celebration needed back for a medical school interview instead of a wedding, so it's totally different. As you can see in the still above, the birthday boy--named Jeff Chang, as this trailer will repeatedly remind you--also serves as the Picture of Dorian Gray of the trio's collective livers, growing increasingly defaced as his largely-unscathed friends lucidly run around trying to get him back home before the 8AM deadline. Will they make it back in time? Will there be gratuitous cleavage close-ups? Will there be an even more gratuitous beer pong setpiece? Answers to at least two of these questions below.

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