Every 'Law & Order' Verdict Graphed, Revealing Dick Wolf's Deep Personal Feelings of Guilt

November 14, 2012


Though Law & Order is really less about winning and losing, more about the good friends Jack McCoy scowled at along the way, those interested in how justice tipped over the course of the series' two-decade run can now see it at a glance thanks to OverthinkingIt (via), where they've plotted and analyzed all 20 seasons. The results? The New York County District Attorney pretty much always get their guy, one way or another, even if that means the dude is dead. Other findings: it turns out one pretty much always watches an entire episode, or sometimes several episodes, every time the opportunity is presented, even though doing so makes one feel like even more of a disgusting, slothful waste than usual. (Source: life, TNT)

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