Jared Leto To Reapply Eyeliner on Film

November 6, 2012


He hasn't acted in a film in four years, but Jared Leto is back, and he's cross-dressing.

The actor, who last starred in 2009's Mr. Nobody--unless you count his 2012 appearance in the 30 Seconds to Mars documentary Artifact, but can you really "star" in reality, man?--has signed on to co-star in Jean-Marc Vallee's Dallas Buyer's Club, reports THR. He'll play "a flamboyant cross-dresser with HIV" alongside Jennifer Garner's lawyer and lead Matthew McConaughey, who plays an AIDS-afflicted electrician smuggling and selling medications in the hopes of saving the j.k. lives of himself and others. As tabloid photos and The Wolf of Wall Street set shots have shown, McConaughey lost a disconcerting amount of weight for the part, so maybe Leto can talk to him about his own dramatic weight gain/loss for a bit before returning to a largely one-sided discussion on the meaning of 30 Seconds to Mars lyrics.

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