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JJ Abrams Getting into Animation, Will Make the New Smurf Equivalent


Get ready for some adorably-sculpted monsters obscured by adorably-Spielbergian lens flares.

As rumored by LatinoReview and since confirmed (via), J.J. Abrams has bought the screen rights to Beastlies and plans to develop the little clay monsters into an animated film and TV series that will probably still find a way to be convoluted somehow.

Created by Leslie Levings, Beastlies are little clay creature things hand-sculpted, photographed, and sold online to those who like cute, cheerful things, and don't need their entire desktop clear to lay their head in woeful surrender. Abrams reportedly "intends to turn Beastlies into the modern day equivalent of the Smurfs," as pretty much everyone but Sony has now recognized that the new Smurfs are not that. The new Smurfs are the modern-day equivalent of Doogie Howser's computer diary: blue, poorly computer-rendered, and shown only to make a point about Neil Patrick Harris's poor decisions.

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