Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell, Others To Voice Little Lego Guys

November 9, 2012


Though Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's Lego movie is still mostly built from the modestly-selling NBC Thursday Night Comedy bricksets, it seems they finally convinced their moms to spring for a few more of the pricier movie sets too.

Deadline reports Community's Alison Brie and Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman are two of the latest to join network television co-workers Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, and Chris Pratt in Lego: The Piece of Resistance. Offerman's voice will apparently be lent to a Lego pirate, while Brie will play a fellow comrade-in-arms who has "a powerful secret." And what is this secret? Well, once Fox News gets wind of this announcement, it will likely end up dubbed "capitalist-hating communism," as it's also been revealed that Will Ferrell will play the film's primary antagonist, an evil Lego named President Business. They're brainwashing our kids to hate business! And presidents! Except President Obama, who brainwashed kids will love, because he also hates business! We should have never trusted Danish plastic!

Anyway, Liam Neeson will be in the film too, and will play Business's henchman, the aptly-named Bad Cop. Despite it being animated and plasticy, it will still be pretty cool when he rips a dude's arms out.

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