Never Mind That 'Top Gun' Sequel

November 7, 2012


In light of the unfortunate death of Tony Scott, no more homoerotic beach sports for Tom Cruise.

The New York Times reports that the long-planned sequel to Scott's 1986 film "has fallen apart" since the director's apparent suicide. Paramount is also said to be at something of a loss for what to do with their 3D conversion of the original, which they'd planned to soon put back in theaters but now fear will look exploitative of Scott, instead of just exploitative of audiences. Furthermore, censors in China--where 3D and Tom Cruise are extremely popular, and somehow not viewed as camp--have reportedly remained silent on clearing the film there, leaving Top Gun 3D without any sort of release either foreign or domestic. Until the film does finally reach theaters, Scott's final exhibited work remains a Diet Mountain Dew commercial starring Mark Cuban, so Paramount should probably figure something out.

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