'Ninja Turtles' Will Be 'Fantastic' and Basically 'Avengers' but with Alien Turtles

November 20, 2012


Five months since pre-production on Ninja Turtles was shut down due to reported script issues, TMNT co-creator and vocal remake proponent Kevin Eastman has provided some clarification on the delayed project: turns out the script is actually really good, and definitely worth repeatedly comparing to The Avengers. So what are you guys on about?

While fellow co-creator Peter Laird has been decidedly cynical about Michael Bay's alien turtle re-envisioning , Eastman, as the half of the team getting paid to work on the film's creative team, has long been optimistic about the film's quality, previously describing it as "AWESOME," in all caps like that, because that is really awesome. Now, speaking to NBC (via), Laird has heaped on some more praise, saying, "From what I've seen of the script, it's fantastic," and describing the filmmakers' vision as "like The Avengers for scope and roots origin and The Raid: Redemption for fight scenes and Rise for the Apes as far as computer-quality style," which is quite an ambitious promise from a man who moments before also promised, "Michael Bay has made some great ... movies."

But it was no mistake, apparently. In another interview, this time with The Examiner, Eastman was quick to again drop his Avengers-esque claim, this time giving some other rationale as to why such a questionable film is basically like that already-popular movie. "If we learned nothing else from one of my favorite Comic Book Based Films, The Avengers, that there's a lot to be said about never forgetting that core concept and core fan-base," said Eastman, ignoring that the plan for this film is to immediately forget the core concept of turtles and replace them with aliens, quickly angering the entire core fan-base. But hey, as Bay was quick to respond after infuriating fans, supposedly this will build a "richer world." And as Eastman reminds us with pretty much every update, it will also probably build a richer Kevin Eastman.

Let's just calm down and remember the good times, and continue to forget that whatever sanctity Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever had was pretty much already tossed out when the plot of III was driven by a time-travel scepter.

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