'The Mortal Instruments' Trailer: Lily Collins Fights Demons, Like This Toothy Officer

November 15, 2012


From the director of Agent Cody Banks, Pink Panther 2, and The Karate Kid (2010), here's the latest film based on a book about a pretty girl who's very special and good at fighting supernatural things indeed. In The Mortal Instruments the pretty, very special girl is this time Lily Collins, a half-angel-half-human, born of Phil Collins' angelic voice and able to see the incognito demons lurking around us disguised as policemen or whatever. She is the "Rowdy" Roddy Piper in They Live of teenage girl protagonists. Also, her palm glows with the power of an ill-conceived tribal tattoo, and that apparently means something too. Here's the trailer:

So if only she can see this gloomy, hooded blonde guy sulking around... does that mean only I've been seeing all these ads for the CW's Arrow?


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