'Transformers 4' To Take Place Four Years After Shia LaBeouf Terminus

November 12, 2012


Chicago is getting some time to rebuild before Michael Bay explodes everything again.

Speaking to TMZ (via), producer-director Michael Bay has revealed that the events of the upcoming, Mark Wahlberg-starring Transformers sequel will take place a full four years after all that CGI metal tubing screwed up Chicago's skyline, leaving Optimus some time to settle down and raise a smaller truck, maybe. Said Bay:

"The movie is going to continue four years from the attack on Chicago, which was in the last movie. It's going to have the same lineage, but it's going in a full new direction. It actually feels very natural how it's going in that direction... We're doing a lot of things that are really going to make it fresh and feel new.

Sadly, we still have to wait until 2014 to find out what's so fresh and new, and which Transformers now have B.A.s.

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