Barbra Streisand Wants Lady Gaga for 'Gypsy' Remake?

December 6, 2012


If you saw The Guilt Trip trailers and thought, "Hey, why isn't Lady Gaga in the Seth Rogen role of distraught Streisand progeny?", Babs was right there with you.

Taking a cruise with Time's Joel Stein, Barbra Streisand recently ate a pretzel, complained about the car temperature, and revealed a hint of who she might like to put in the Gypsy adaptation she's making, reportedly telling Stein "she's thinking of casting Lady Gaga as the lead."

Back in March, Streisand revealed her plans for the remake, which would see her playing pushy "stage mother" archetype Momma Rose in a new adaptation of the memoir-turned-Broadway musical. Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes is scripting, and Gaga would assumedly be playing Louise--aka Gypsy--Momma Rose's shy daughter who eventually becomes a burlesque showgirl, sensually peeling away whatever Muppet parts or butcher cuts she may be wearing.

Of course, Streisand's comment seems to have been dropped offhandedly, and a deal may not end up coming together. But either way, if it's what you're after, you'll still get to see Lady Gaga get sort of naked on-screen soon. If you'd forgotten, she'll next been seen in Machete Kills, in which she covers herself with but most of a wolf.


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