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Denzel Washington Teaming with Nicolas Winding Refn for 'Equalizer'?


In a match made in stoic, casually-violent heaven, Denzel Washington may end up taking direction from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn.

According to ComingSoon, the two may be teaming for The Equalizer, a big screen remake of the late '80s series of the same name. Once rumored as a vehicle to have Crowe equalizing some shit, now the film has Denzel Washington attached to play the lead, a former secret agent who tries to clear his conscience via pro bono work as a freelance private investigator and protector. Refn is now said to be in early talks to direct, which certainly makes this thing a lot more interesting a prospect than it was under it's prior leader, a manifestation of a producer's remembrance of The Equalizer existing.

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