Eddie Murphy the Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood, At Least Until 'Triplets' Comes Out

December 5, 2012


Forbes has released a new listing of the top ten overpaid actors in Hollywood, and, unsurprisingly, it's been determined that Eddie Murphy is getting paid way too much to do this shit.

He easily tops Forbes's list this year, bringing back only $2.30 for every dollar he's paid to mug in his last three films of the last three years--none of which included Murphy in multiple roles, so he can't claim bulk value, either. Most of the blame for his low return on pay has to do with Tower Heist--which earned $153 million but only after paying a tidy sum to Murphy and his co-stars--and, more detrimentally, A Thousand Words, which earned back only half its $40 million budget and became the most universally-reviled film of the year.

Using the same methodology, Forbes determined we've also been paying Katherine Heigl quite a lot just for being in Katherine Heigl movies. Her last film, One for the Money, earned back only $37 million of an estimated $40 million budget and probably paid her around $12 million to act like the prettiest bounty hunter. She comes in second on the list.

The lackluster returns of This Means War and How Do You Know--the 2010 James L. Brooks comedy that somehow cost $120 million to make--brought Reese Witherspoon in at number three, while the forgotten existence of All About Steve continues to haunt Sandra Bullock, placing her in the fourth spot.

Remember how there was that utterly innocuous comedy about bird watching? Jack Black was in that, so he comes in at number five.

Nic Cage, being in everything he can, of course shows up in this too, taking the sixth spot for whatever recent sampling of three films you'd like to pick, while odds-on favorite Adam Sandler comes in at a disappointing seventh, somehow tying with Denzel Washington despite Washington's failure to even play his own twin sister.

Here's the full top ten:

1. Eddie Murphy - $2.30 (returned on each dollar paid)
2. Katherine Heigl - $3.40
3. Reese Witherspoon - $3.90
4. Sandra Bullock - $5
5. Jack Black - $5.20
6. Nicolas Cage - $6
7. Adam Sandler - $6.30
7. Denzel Washington - $6.30
9. Ben Stiller - $6.50
10. Sarah Jessica Parker - $7

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