'Foxcatcher' Turned Mark Ruffalo into Morose Brett Gelman

December 13, 2012


Bennett Miller's Moneyball follow-up sees Steve Carell playing John du Pont, the rich heir who ended up being a paranoid schizophrenic and murdering Olympic wrestler David Schultz. Here's a first look at a balding Mark Ruffalo in a unitard for that role, with Channing Tatum alongside to play his garbage bag-toting brother Mark. As you can see here, Ruffalo is doing a pretty solid job with the part. Though, as noted in the title, he's also doing a pretty solid Brett Gelman, thus continuing his weirdly-specific trend of accidentally looking like a comedian when he's meant to be a brute too muscular to wear full pants. Classic Ruffalo.

More from the set at Buzzfeed.

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