'Haunting in Connecticut 2' Trailer Unveils Horror of Actually Being in the South

December 12, 2012


The Haunting in Connecticut has for some reason been given a sequel, and this new chapter holds its scariest twist yet: the haunting is not actually in Connecticut. As slyly alluded to in the film's entirely contradictory "Ghosts of Georgia" subtitle, the spookies are in Georgia this time, with the film focusing on a family that moves to a desolate cabin in the rural South, where they naïvely thought they'd be free of hauntings in Connecticut. Thanks to exposition from a conveniently placed historian, the family too-late learns that their new home was once a stop on the Underground Railroad, and now is haunted by the mob-lynched "stationmaster," a horrifyingly altruistic and equal rights-supportive spectre if there ever was one.

But he's not the only ghost: there's also the terrifying ghost of "man playfully enjoying a tree swing," and "lady always just kind of awkwardly standing there," and the vengeful, swing-loving spirits eventually manage to bring the innocent family's daughter into the mix as well, at last providing their ensemble the "creepy little girl in a nightgown" they'd noticeably been lacking.

Here's the trailer:

You can already tell this is going to leave a cliffhanger for Haunting in Connecticut with Ghosts of Georgia 3: Spectral U.S. Virgin Islands.

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