'Justice League' Maybe Has Its Villain

December 3, 2012


Warner Bros. has reportedly found its Justice League villain, even if Ryan Reynolds isn't yet clear if he's supposed to show up and fight this guy or what.

According to LatinoReview, the bad guy for the studio's superhero team-up film will be Darkseid, the above grayish, craggy, cosmically-powerful, fuck-me-boot-wearing guy who isn't entirely unlike Thanos--the villain teased after the credits of Marvel's competing project, The Avengers. For DC comics and cartoon fans, the choice isn't probably all that surprising, as Darkseid is one of the company's more prominent non-Batman villains, and one strong enough to take on a Justice League team that will likely include such powerhouses as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and a Green Lantern who may or may not be Ryan Reynolds. Which, would someone please call Ryan back at their earliest convenience about that? He would just like to know if he needs to keep the Green Lantern oath memorized or if he can use that space for a The Proposal 2: Till Death Do Us Part? script.

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