Mark Wahlberg Making a Hacker Movie

December 12, 2012


After getting freaked out by a magazine article about a particularly-malicious hacker, Mark Wahlberg is on the crusade to warn others of the cyber-menace.

He and Stephen Levinson are reportedly teaming with Universal Pictures to produce an untitled hacker film to be written by Jonathan Herman, who most recently penned a remake of The Birds that updates the Hitchcock classic with today's trendy avifauna. The pitch is based on the year-old GQ article "The Hacker Is Watching," which tells the true story of a hacker that terrorized several victims by accessing their files, phones, and sexy webcam videos. Herman's take will reportedly place the action in a suburban high school targeted by the cyber-criminal. Given that the film is described as a "youth-driven thriller," Wahlberg is unlikely to be the star of the film, but as The Happening has shown, he could of course play the school's science teacher. Or maybe a Mark Wahlberg-shaped personal computer, his Mark Wahlberg eyes recording all for an unseen hacker who is not Mark Wahlberg to see. That might be better, right?

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