Muppets Declare Ty Burrell the New Christoph Waltz

December 10, 2012


Christoph Waltz is no longer bringing his broad family appeal to The Muppets sequel. Now Modern Family's Ty Burrell will less sarcastically do that.

THR reports Christoph Waltz was unable to fit James Bobin's upcoming Muppet film into his schedule, thus leaving Ty Burrell to step in and play one of the film's non-puppets--an Interpol inspector--bringing with him his Incredible Hulk experience of starring alongside a green effigy that doesn't move quite convincingly.

The trade says that, beyond the expected heaping of cameos, there's still one more lead human to cast, that of a "Russian femme fatale," and being that the film is being described as a "caper," hopefully that doesn't mean Fozzie gets a mail-order bride, accidentally kills her, and the whole gang has to come together to hide the beautiful Russian corpse from authorities. Hopefully.

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