New 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Trailer Delivers on Promise of Letting Channing Tatum Be Alive Some More

December 12, 2012


Earlier this summer, when Paramount decided to delay their G.I. Joe sequel by ten months, there were rumors that it was due to the unsurprising fact that the film was quite bad, leading the studio to shoot some additional scenes with Channing Tatum--who died almost immediately in the initial cut, but whose brief banter with The Rock was supposedly the only part test audiences could handle. Afraid to admit how much they like Tatum's belly muscles, Paramount denied those claims, attributing the delay to a sudden post-production 3D conversion, but with this latest trailer for the March release, they seem to have revealed some truth to it.

Now Tatum has what is apparently his quickly-established catchphrase! And he tells people to "go go go go go!", because he ostensibly plays a part in one of these huge action set pieces he wasn't on set for! But while there's definitely some additional Tatum in this trailer, it's still yet to be revealed if his expanded role is limited to the opening scene or if it now turns out he survives and was just initially thought missing because he was doing impromptu sit-ups behind a rock.

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