'Oblivion' Trailer: Tom Cruise Wants the Truth Again, This Time in the Future

December 10, 2012


In director Joseph Kosinski's ambitious-looking follow-up to TRON Legacy, Oblivion, a war has ravaged the world and the people of Earth have evacuated. Everyone except sports-loving repairman Tom Cruise, that is. He's been left behind, there to recount athletic events and repair all the futuristic War Roombas that clean up whatever remaining threats may still roam Earth's surface. One of those threats? Morgan Freeman, apparently! Turns out he's in this movie and still on the surface, too, and is leading some kind of underground resistance colony and/or edgy Stomp revival in a pipe-filled factory.

So who is this guy, and how long was he sitting in the darkness waiting to look cool and surprise Cruise by lighting a cigar? No time to think about that. Suddenly: a crashing plane filled with the United Nations of stasis pods, and for some reason the Russian pod's sexy contents (Olga Kurylenko) know that Tom Cruise is playing a guy named "Jack" again. Now Cruise KNOWS TOO MUCH, so the evil corporation that employs him cuts him off--and just weeks from his retirement. Also, there might be a Tusken Raider, because why not toss that in there too?

So, yeah, a lot going on in this two-and-a-half minute trailer. Thankfully, Cruise has a cool gun, the future's version of his favorite motorcycle jacket, and all sorts of defiant glares, so he can probably sort it out.

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