'Pacific Rim' Sequel Already in Development

December 4, 2012


Confident that some giant fighting robots will be a pretty easy sell this July--in this rare, quiet summer, free of Michael Bay's metallic din--Legendary Pictures has already begun work on a sequel to their upcoming Pacific Rim.

Though the Guillermo del Toro film doesn't come out for over seven months, and all there is yet to show of it are a few photos and some viral videos, the company has hired on Travis Beacham to write a follow-up script, reports HeatVision. Beacham will be returning to the suddenly-now-franchise, as he wrote the original screenplay and first pitched the spec script that caught the director's eye. Del Toro will return to supervise the writing--ensuring that the film's giant monsters will be appropriately grotesque in the first draft this time--but it's not yet clear if he'll again direct, because he's a pretty busy boy, if you've forgotten.

For those who haven't been following Pacific Rim, the film involves some mean Godzillas that emerge from the seas to attack we humans, forcing us to fight back with some awesome giant mecha suit things, because humans really came through this time. Way to go, mankind. I would have expected jets and nukes and stuff, but this sounds way cooler.

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