'Sound City' Trailer: Dave Grohl Wants To Tell You About This Great Studio

December 4, 2012


Once a legendary, sought-after recording studio before everyone's friend got ProTools running on their MacBooks, the grungy Sound City Studios is now gone but won't be forgotten, thanks to Dave Grohl. Making his directorial debut, the Foo Fighters frontman has teamed with the more-experienced Academy Award-winning writer of The Cove and the editor of Dogtown and Z-Boys to tell the story of the shag-carpet-lined studio that recorded Nevermind and a bunch of similar classics, with interviews from Neil Young, Tom Petty, Trent Reznor, Lars Ulrich, John Fogerty, Rick Springfield, Frank Black, an out-of-place Barry Manilow, most of Fleetwood Mac, and other music legends fleshing out the story with some gratuitous name dropping. Place is totally where we should've recorded our demos, bro. Here's the trailer:


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