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Johnny Depp's Next Hat May Be His Most Fanciful Yet


His scalp growing in its ennui since the day he was forced to return his bird fascinator to The Lone Ranger's costume department, Johnny Depp has already set himself up with another project that will allow him to plop something eccentric on his head.

THR reports Depp is looking past his planned remakes of The Thin Man and The Night Stalker to the fresher, more hat-intensive project Mortimer Wintergreen. "Loosely" based on the 1987 Myron Levoy young adult novel The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen, the family film will focus on brother and sister runaways who encounter and go on adventures with the titular character, a man in possession of "a magical hat with a mind of its own." Playwright and screenwriter Jack Thorne is reportedly writing, and Nanny McPhee's Susanna White is attached to direct. Depp will produce and, pending approval of script and wildly-offbeat milliner, star in the title role. Use of face paint not yet confirmed.

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